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Laura Daziano

LMHC, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
CLC, Certified Life Coach

N3UROFit is an innovative program that combines traditional counseling and coaching methods with neuroplasticity training to achieve your full potential, find direction and accomplish your goals. 


The brain has the amazing ability to change through learning and experience. It can rewire itself so we can learn new skills, function better and simply become better versions of ourselves! 

Neuroplasticity training consists of exercises that help create or change neural connection in the brain. Through neuroplasticity training, you can recondition your brain to make the changes you want to see in your life.  


Neuroplasticity training can help:

  • reduce stress and anxiety

  • improve cognitive functions

  • reduce depressive symptoms

  • increase learning abilities

  • improve relationships

  • improve overall wellbeing

  • invite your higher self!

And so much more...

N3UROFit is based on Kurt's Lewin's change model involving 3 steps: unfreezing, changing and refreezing.

" First you must melt the ice to make it amenable to change (unfreeze). Then you must mold the iced water into the shape you want (change). Finally, you must solidify the new shape (refreeze). "





Meet Laura


Hello and Thank you for visiting my website!

My name is Laura and I live in Brooklyn, New York. I grew up in France and came to New York to pursue my education in mental health. I graduated from NYU with a Master's in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness in 2012.


I have always been fascinated by the ways in which people negotiate change, go beyond their limiting beliefs, grow and become stronger and more resilient. Throughout my education and work experience, I have become aware that we all have the desire and resources within to achieve our potential.


As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Life Coach, I have helped my clients explore the potential for optimum functioning that resides within them and have worked in partnership with them to eliminate any obstacles or blocks that stand in their way. I have guided them to look at which thoughts and actions are serving them and which need to be reprogrammed to help them achieve their goals.

Having devoted over 7 years of my career working with justice-involved individuals with serious mental illness, I have helped a number of my clients with incredibly complex needs become motivated to change the behaviors that were preventing them from making healthier choices. Armed with an understanding of their limiting thoughts and how to reframe them, they were able to move forward to a brighter future.  

I created the N3UROFit program with the mission to help many more people from all walks of life identify where they have limited themselves, what have gotten in their way and how they could chose to train their mind to live their most fulfilled and joyful lives.


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Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY, USA


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